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Baby Colic Help: Natural Parenting Support Book
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About Me

In the early 1980s I completed an intensive college course and then I decided to take off to explore life in the ‘land of plenty’, Australia. I travelled and worked for eighteen months experiencing an eclectic lifestyle before returning to England and moving to London to live and work. In 1987, I married, returned to Somerset and had two children who both suffered from baby colic.

My colic experiences led me on a steep learning curve and steered me towards a new vocation. My discovery of the profound benefits of massage for babies awakened my desire to help others in a therapeutic way, so I decided to add to my initial massage qualification. Essential oils were already playing an integral role in my personal life and I was keen to study more about them. In 1991, I qualified in Aromatherapy and started a mobile massage business. Then, in 1994, my studies took me to London and I started practising CranioSacral Therapy.

In 1995, I joined a Complementary Health Centre, newly opened in my area by a group of forward-thinking doctors. The doctors’ influential endorsement was a great asset. My thirst for acquiring more holistic knowledge for improving health and wellbeing continued in 1997 with further studies of various compatible therapies, leading to my gaining a Clinical Holistic Honours Diploma.

In 2000 I was invited to teach baby massage and baby yoga, so I acquired the first of my teaching qualifications and started running regular baby classes. From 2005 to 2010 I attended a Progressive Counselling course, qualified in teaching Pure Meditation Foundation, Spiritual knowledge and Philosophy, and Holistic Energy Care; I also gained a higher qualification for adult teaching.

Today I run variety of classes and workshops covering different aspects of health and well-being, raising awareness for us to empower ourselves and others. My studies continue, and my practice happily expands. I consider myself very fortunate to grow and work in such a rewarding vocation with my spiritual practice and approach to life creating an essential foundation for all that I do – and, in a way, it's all thanks to baby colic!

Venetia Moore Author of Baby Colic Help Book

"Every new life deserves a nurturing and positive start no matter what circumstances he or she has been born into."