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Find below a selection of useful articles, containing tips and suggestions on dealing with baby colic.

Do I Use a Dummy?

The use of dummies, also called pacifiers, is something many parents feel very strongly about – either for or against. You may have seen dummies being used more as silencers than comforters, leaving quite a negative impression on you and putting you firmly in the ‘against’ camp. But now that you're faced with a crying, uncomfortable, inconsolable baby, you might be reconsidering.

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The Baby Colic Challenge

Ideally, having a baby is a joyous experience – but it can also be a very challenging one, especially if your baby has colic. No one can prepare you for the challenges and the impact colic can have on you, your partner and family.

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Help For Dads

The Daddy Blues

The 21st century brings a welcome increase of ‘hands-on dads’ in our society, evidently happy to enter what were once considered primarily female roles and social areas. It’s now normal to see dads pushing buggies, chatting in the playground with other fathers, and turning up with confidence and ease to playgroups and baby classes.

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I'm Finding it Hard to Bond with my Baby

It's not uncommon for men to find it difficult to adjust to the arrival of a baby and the radical changes this brings, especially when you’re a first time parent. Other than some good books and magazines, there’s little that can really prepare us for parenting; no diploma or degree could possibly match up to the real experience itself!

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More For Dads

This article is about how you, the dad, could be perceiving this whole new experience of fatherhood. I will be looking at some of the possible thoughts and feelings you could be having, and giving you some ideas and suggestions to consider putting into action.

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A Helping Hand

Here you can find lots of useful articles that will help you start your parenting journey. They target common problems, and tips to solving them, advise on many different aspects of parenting, and much more.