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Baby Colic Help - Natural Parenting Support

Baby Colic Help: Natural Parenting Support Book
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Baby Colic Help

A Practical Guide To Support You and Your Baby

Dealing with baby colic can be an exhausting, extremely stressful experience and you may be feeling at a loss as to how to relieve your baby's suffering.

Baby Colic Help is the next best alternative to having the one-to-one support of your own personal compassionate health professional.

This comprehensive book has been written by someone who knows first-hand what it’s like to experience the ups and downs of baby colic. Here you’ll find practical, holistic information, tips, techniques and ideas to help you and your baby to feel better, and flourish. This book will enable you to feel less tired and more confident, so that you can start to enjoy the richness of your parenting journey.

"Every parent could do with reading this book!"
Jan Hoare (Family Support co-coordinator).

"As a dad I found this book an invaluable resource, a reassuring and informative guide with clear and supportive insights."
Perry Wood (author of Secrets of the People Whisperer).

A Holistic Approach

Baby colic is rarely successfully treatable by medication. There is no quick-fix panacea, though there are some alternative remedies that may, in some cases, offer relief of symptoms. This may seem like bad news to many parents but it does offer the opportunity to approach your baby and their symptoms holistically – that is, taking into account all aspects of their being. And, of course, this book is also holistic in the wider sense: it's about helping mums, dads and caregivers – the 'whole' family unit. A baby is best looked after and cared for by adults who look after and care for themselves. The bond between parent and child is more than physical, and your baby is tuned-in to how you are feeling. Looking after you benefits your baby too!

The word 'holistic' means 'considering the complete person, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.' As such, a truly holistic approach includes more than just treating a set of symptoms with drugs or other treatments. It considers the whole being. Indeed, many mainstream doctors are also recognizing the role that a person’s emotional and mental health plays in the creation of physical illness, and vice versa. Dealing with the daily stress of being with a baby suffering with colic can eventually affect your health and well-being.

A Book in the Making

My history with baby colic goes back to the mid-1980s, when I had my first child. It was a time when there was very little information available to support and guide parents with a colicky baby. Health visitors did their best to listen and to reassure me that I was doing all that I could, but they knew little about colic so could not offer much in the way of practical help. I became mentally and physically exhausted. My days – and nights – were a constant round of endless pacing and bouncing, and sleep deprivation was taking its toll. Losing my keys, consuming copious amounts of coffee, and leaving the house wearing odd socks (or worse!) all became part of a rather jittery way of life.

Through my fog of sleeplessness, I was constantly trying to rack my brains to come up with something to relieve my son’s suffering. However, my first breakthrough didn’t come through thinking – and it was set to change both our lives. After yet another disturbed night, and desperate to do something to help, I placed my hands on my distraught baby's body and intuitively started massaging him. Gently but firmly, I massaged his back, legs, feet, hands and tummy. After a short while he began to relax; his crying stopped, and his whole body started to soften. The feeling of empowerment was almost indescribable – at long last, something was working! I was able to help my baby!

Massage became part of our daily routine and we both benefited. It gave him a small window of time without discomfort and it offered me the opportunity to relax and feel peaceful – which benefited both of us. It also began to build a special bond between us. However, the benefits weren’t limited to the actual massage time. Each day there was cumulative progress and, step by small step, my son gradually improved. He slept more deeply and for longer periods; he became less bloated and windy; there were fewer bouts of irritability and fretfulness – and he generally became a happier baby.

Fourteen months later my second son was born and he, too, suffered with colic. However, this time I was better equipped and prepared, and, as a consequence, his colicky phase lasted only half the time of my first son’s, and never became so intense. Massage became part of our daily lives and, as well as benefiting my children, it set me off on a new career path. Since then, I have taught many mums to massage their babies. I continued to massage both my sons regularly through all their growing years. Massage time was always a special part of the day, a time to give and receive loving energy, and a time to relax together amid our otherwise full lives. It helped to keep the communication between us strong, especially through the teenage years. And having grown- up sons who can now both give me a wonderful massage is indeed a bonus!

Since those first-hand experiences I have always empathized with those facing the colic challenge. I have passionately researched, trained in, and taught different ways to help other parents bring relief to their unhappy babies. I hope my knowledge and experience contained in this book will help you and your baby in many ways.

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Venetia Moore Author of Baby Colic Help - Natural Parenting Support