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One-to-One Baby Colic Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are here to support you during this challenging time of dealing with baby colic. They provide confidential time for you to express how you feel, to share your anxieties and concerns, to explain the difficulties and symptoms your baby is experiencing and to receive guidance on how to go about making a difference for you both.

One-to-one coaching sessions are available for you in the comfort of your home. Supportive and informative coaching sessions can be via Skype or through email, with written reference notes to help support the coaching instructions.

The Colic Coaching Sessions will provide:

  • Valuable, confidential time for you to talk one-to-one with someone who personally and professionally understands how you could be feeling
  • Information to help identify whether your baby is suffering with colic and if so, to what degree
  • Practical, holistic information, ideas and suggestions to help you to make a positive difference for your baby’s health and well-being
  • Comprehensive information to help support and empower you during this challenging time so that you can feel less, anxious, exhausted and stressed
  • Baby Massage and Baby Yoga techniques
  • Help to build up your confidence about parenting
  • Holistic information, ideas and suggestions to help improve your health and well-being
  • Other resources that could be helpful and supportive

Baby Massage Instruction

Coaching sessions can include instruction on baby massage. Clinical evidence shows that by giving loving and nurturing touch you can have a positive impact on your baby emotionally and physically health and well-being. Baby massage is something wonderful that every parent or caregiver can learn and practice well.

If you wish to know more about baby massage click the link below

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Baby Yoga Instruction

Coaching seesions can also include baby yoga instruction. Baby yoga consists of gentle stretching exercises. The exercises are often combined with a simple song or two. This is a fun time to spend with your baby; babies love song – and they don't mind how you sound! And if you can get other family members involved too, so much the better!

There are a variety of fun whole body exercises and movements to learn. Some movements include swings and rolls and there are small changes of position to help stimulate and keep your little one interested and happy.

If you wish to know more about baby massage click the link below

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Online Baby Colic Coaching with Venetia Moore

How to Book Coaching Sessions

Contact me to book a session, or a package of coaching sessions. Payments are payable via paypal or cheque


Starting price (1hr) - £65

Starting price (30 mins) - £35

Savings can be made by booking a package of coaching sessions. Details will be given on contact.

When you’re coping with the disempowering ups and downs of colic, massage can help you to feel more empowered; you’re doing something really positive to help relax and soothe your baby. Baby massage techniques are easy to learn; and as you ‘tune in’ to your baby, you’ll intuitively know where best to massage.

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